Monday, 14 August 2017



  1. The part about the superior gender is kinda weird...

    I mean it might just be some sort of BDSM game, but why would you otherwise say and convince your significant other of such humiliating stuff?

    I'll never get supremacists, I guess.

  2. Eh, weird is as weird does. This isn't Dancing with the Stars, you know :)
    Joking aside, the offscreen character's attitude/behaviour is a bit odd. She:
    a) Believes women are naturally superior,
    b) Wants to make men into women
    c) is willing to date a guy to do so.
    I guess her whole philosophy is based on the idea of spreading female supremacy and feminization on the basis of one-to-one interactions. Date a guy, get him to accept the ideology, get him feminized. It could work as a kind of pyramid scheme, I guess?
    But yeah, I'll happily accept that TG fiction isn't always the best basis for an integrated and coherent social worldview. Sometimes you just have to roll with it. Set your rational mind aside and focus on something a bit more psychological... :)