Monday, 15 January 2018

Goodbye, everybody, I've got to go....

So, after running this thing for around five and a half years - the first posts were all the way back in 2011, for God's sake! -I've decided to call it a day with regard to capping. After nearly two million page views and 364 posts, I feel like I've said everything I want to say - everything I can say - in this medium.
I'm not going to delete this blog, so it'll still be around and I'll continue to check in every now and again to respond to any comments or delete spam. And now I've freed up some time, I might write more 'proper' stories on Fictionmania or something. I might not. It's all good.
Goodbye, fare well, and good luck to you all!


  1. Dear Rachel,

    I am sorry to see you go, but completely understand that things run their course. I liked your works in this medium the best. I'll look for you in the future on FM.

    All the best.

    Clare Lake

    1. Yeah, I'm sorry to disappoint people who enjoy my stuff, but like you say, things have run their course. All the best to you too!

  2. Thanks for all the captions. Good luck with your future projects.

  3. Time is always a delicate thing to balance, and it's something you never get back, so I'm glad you did this while you enjoyed it and quit before it got monotonous.

    Good luck on your stories. And remember, you can always slip a caption or two up now and again if the muse tickles your fancy, since you ARE keeping the blog up for people to be able to read the older stuff.

    Dee Mentia

  4. Time, ah yes, my old enemy. So many things to do and so little time!
    You're right; I *could* slip up a cap or two from time to time - the thought did cross my mind - but officially, at least, it's over. I don't want to raise false hopes or encourage people to waste their time checking back again and again.
    Thank you for reading my stuff, and thank you for wishing me luck!

  5. good luck in your all future endeavors.

  6. I'm sad to see you go, but I suppose it's better to stop while it's still fun. I really enjoyed your captions, but considering that I found this site over your fictionmania stories I'm really excited to see what you've planned in that regard.

    Maybe post them here too once you're done? I'm not that frequent a visitor of FM these days.

    Anyway thank you for all these great captions. I can't wait to read your future works,

    1. It is a bit sad, but all things come to an end... except the Simpsons, and like the Simpsons, it'd probably be best that I stop before this thing just becomes full of celebrity cameos, a mockery of it's former self.
      Anyway, that's a good suggestion about posting about any new stories here; I'll do that.
      Take care of yourself!