Thursday, 29 June 2017

Emily Visits The Punishment Salon


  1. What a great idea. Not. I guess it would fly in the US, considering torture camps are legal as long as you do it to your own children. But I don't think it would work anywhere else.

    This seems to be the thing to do if you want to raise a generation of misogynists. Who actually have a good justified reason to hate women.

    If your worst problem is guys below your league/lower class act like heterosexual guys attracted to you, you're a truly blessed individual. Unless they're actually going out of their way to harass you it's not sexual harassment it's probably a failed attempt at flirting.

    Honestly I pity the kid for his stockholm syndrome.

    1. I dunno. It only seems cruel and unusual if you consider women inferior. If you don't, it just seems like a prank. I mean - and this may open a whole kettle of fish here, but if a white guy lost a bet or something and had to become black for a month, would that be such a bad thing? Maybe for a hardcore racist, but for most people nowadays (I think/hope) they'd find it a bit odd, interesting but not humiliating or awful.
      This is something that's always in the back of my mind in my feminisation-as-punishment stuff - that the whole idea is rooted in a misogynistic logic, and the idea that society is (hopefully?) moving beyond all that...

  2. With an easy suspension-of-disbelief about a male population whose members either fail to refuse what in their own view must certainly be considered a ludicrous penalty or else they seem eager enough to undergo their feminization, the backstory concept of such a "salon" is a very clever stage on which to portray Emily, a sensitive guy who undertakes a journey with such mixed consequences as to mimic contemporary life thus dispensing with any further need for suspension-of-disbelief. Loved it.

  3. Glad you liked it. I do like the Salon concept, it seems like something that could almost become real and normal, and something with a lot of potential for different stories. It's something I do keep coming back to at the moment, perhaps at the expense of some of my other universes...