Wednesday, 10 May 2017

For Mum


  1. Oh wow Terzzy, what incredible exploration into the universe you've built. This second "genderation" perspective was something I hadn't really considered very much, but you dug into some thoughts that kids would defff have in that situation. And then the last panel's reveal about her mother.. gosh, so sweet and sad in a way I haven't seen from a cap in a whiiile~
    Good model choice, too. She seems really excited and proud of her new body, and her ever so biologically important breasts (which look incredible btw, from a sexy standpoint lol). Thanks for another darling series ~Olivia

  2. Thank you! I'm very interested in what happens when this strange new setup becomes the new normal, and the disconnect between the two or three generations as well, the grandparents, who are used to the normal boy/girl ratio, the parents, who lived through the biggest change in human relations since the birth of agriculture, and the kids, for whom most women were born male and changed sex in their teens.
    Glad the gut-punch reveal worked on someone, at least :).
    Glad you liked the model too; she's kinda dorky but in the best possible way.
    As an aside, a LOT of porn makes more sense if you think of the models as recently transformed men. Real women don't revel in their bodies like porn stars do, even when they're trying to be sexy. A transformed man, on the other hand....
    Porn is weird. Straight men using women to titilate other straight men but who inadvertently end up creating something that looks more like men becoming women...