Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Office Party

This cap was originally done for RMP42661 and posted at Rachel's Haven.
Incidentally, if anyone who hangs out at the Haven has been wondering where I've been or is waiting for a cap from me... things have been a bit busy for me so I've not really been going there. If I owe you caps, then, well, I've not forgotten, but it may be some time. I actually find doing caps for other people quite difficult compared to the ones I do for myself. It takes a lot of time for me to find an image/idea that works.


  1. Such a wasted opportunity on him in the present moment to explore and enjoy such an impactful, but alluring, transition. However, it's still only the first day of the cycle. It would really be interesting to see where his new body leads his/her libido in this free-pass to explore what used to be same-sex attractions that are now hetero, not by choice, but forced anatomical changes. If he does transition back to male, would he simply slide right back into his gay outlook? Would he ever view womanhood in the same way now that he knows what power she had as a woman over the men to whom she was attracted by her former gay orientation? I'm guessing he wouldn't readily become sexually attracted to women as a man (or as a woman for that matter), but he might begin to see them as new-found competition in the much larger pool of available hetero males. No worries then. Access to that bigger male population would be just another butt grab away.

    Good one, Rachel. Thanks.

  2. It's an interesting question isn't it? How would a gay man cope in a woman's body? In the story, at least, the issue of gender dysphoria is bigger - he doesn't have the silver lining of the fact that he's in a body he finds attractive. I can see how he'd like the much bigger pool of men, but might find doing stuff with them unappealing, given that they'd be most interested in the parts of his body he dislikes most. He might get used to that, though.
    Anyway, glad you liked it!