Friday, 24 February 2017

Ballet Lessons


  1. A captivating, intriguing story. I love how it progressed to full realization of what was really happening. Such an experiment could definitely violate and push the psyche to a breaking point. It's very believable that the rift would only worsen over time as they each had enough separate self-gender-identity to seek aggressively to dominate. That said, the poor guy was at a distinct disadvantage. At definite points, his point-of-view showed he was being coerced to act in non-masculine ways to force his male body to look and act like a female. That's where the military experiment must have gone awry. That was his Achilles heel that ultimately broke his will to cope.
    Each personality was for long periods, masked from the other. When the experiment failed and ended, the unfortunate victim(s) was(were) left with no resources to sort out the differences and had little chance of integrating them into a single person. Instead, they each were left alone to battle one another for "body time". While their separate identities could conceivably both exist in the brain (or psyche, soul or spirit - whatever one believes in), it would make sense that the outward manifestation of each personality when possessing the body would have to do that exclusively, one at a time. The outward manifestation of male or female in this extreme circumstance would struggle to maintain control of the physical appearance and identity. Since the female side had enough ego strength to pull off the radical move of transitioning to a fully female appearance, a bodily change that would be very difficult to reverse, the male side was left with little recourse but to go along for the ride. Even the attempted suicide was thwarted. Now he could never easily “pass” as a male to the world.
    It would be interesting to see how inward dialog might take place between them. I think such dialog probably never happened directly in real-time in this case as, the two personalities were always kept separate, body and mind, for too long. They were doomed to fight it out alone, only one consciousness at a time. Maybe they could write letters or send emails to the each other to argue their positions and negotiate. Or NOT! ;)
    Fascinating, thought provoking story. Thank you.

    1. ~Clare Lake

    2. I'm glad you liked it, and you certainly seem to have found it thought-provoking. It's interesting that you mention the letters or emails thing, as it's something I toyed with doing in another, forthcoming cap (but eventually decided against). It's a cool idea though, and something I'd like to work on at some point.

    3. That would be cool.

  2. Clare sure said it as to being thought provoking! Gotta love a creepy Fight Club-y sort of twist in TG land!
    Mostly I'm just commenting to say how much I enjoy Dolly Little as a caption model! This is a very fun and sexy set you've found and you pace it well as always. Makes me wish she was waiting to burst throw my psych-surface, ya know? ~Olivia